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Our Credit Union

Our History

In September of 1960, our credit union officially obtained its charter; at the time, we were named the Carpenters Local 599 Federal Credit Union and we later had our name changed to the Indiana Carpenter’s Federal Credit Union in 1970. Two months after opening, our credit union had a total membership of 27 people. In 1993, we joined with the Credit Union Service Centers of Indianapolis in order to provide Shared Branch Transactions for our members. In 2006 we had our official name changed to Midwest Carpenters and Millwrights Federal Credit Union, and by 2011 our credit union was approved to expand our membership to include regular members of the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters. In more recent events, in 2014 we became an outlet center as to continue to serve, not only our member, but hundreds of guest credit union members. This led to our credit union purchasing the other half of our building, and taking on many new staff members, making for one of the biggest and best changes we’ve ever faced.

Our Credit Union Today

Today, our credit union consists of over 21,000 members, all of whom are union carpenters, millwrights and their family members. The majority of our members are located in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. We currently have approximately 655 shared branching locations in those three states, and over 5,000 locations nationwide. As we continue to grow and advance as a financial institution, we always try to accommodate our members in ways that best fit not only them, but the economy and the ever changing society in which they live. Our credit union is proud of our growth and of our hardworking members. We hope our credit union continues to grow at the pace and magnitude that it has been moving in because growth is necessary in order to be a strong credit union. However, growth has not always come easily because we have continued to keep a closed field of membership of only union carpenters, millwrights and their family members. That is why we are so grateful to handle the vacation savings fund and be the primary financial institution for carpenters and millwrights from Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. We hope that we can continue to build our membership in those three states for years to come.

Mission Statement

The Midwest Carpenter’s and Millwright’s Federal Credit Union exists to provide quality financial services and benefits to members utilizing cooperative principals while emphasizing long term financial stability.