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VISA Credit Cards

Do you want to be able to view your Visa statements? Do you want access to your up to date transaction history? Do you want to be able to make automatic payments on your Visa?

A credit card is a physical monetary instrument which allows you to access a line of credit through making purchases at your convenience. Our VISA credit card is accepted world-wide and is great to have for emergencies, travels, or cash advances (your interest rate will not change for cash advances). Any member can apply for our VISA Classic, and members that have had an account for 5 years or have been a member of the union for 5 years can apply for a VISA Gold. Ask us about both cards today!

Visit Visa Online
Visa Online allows you to do all of those things and more. Simply click on the button above, sign up, and enjoy the numerous features Visa Online provides.

VISA Now Provides 24/7 Call Center Support

We appreciate your support and strive to enhance our products and services so we may serve you better. We are now providing a 24/7 call center to cardholders to meet the demands of your busy schedule. The only holidays not available will be Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Simply call 855-541-8159 for live support service.

VISA Alerts

Keep an eye on your account at all times with the new VISA Alerts Program. VISA alerts will notify you by text or email when there is a purchase on your card greater than a specified amount, when an international purchase is made, when a purchase is made without your card present and when a transaction on your card has been declined.

Click the link below to register today!