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Funds Availability Policy

The Credit Union offers same day or next day availability for most funds deposited with the Credit Union.

  1. SAME-DAY AVAILABILITY. The Credit Union affords same-day availability for cash deposits and electronic fund transfers.
  2. NEXT-DAY AVAILABILITY. The Credit Union affords next business day availability for the following funds deposited in person at teller stations. To qualify for next-day availability, members must deposit funds during Credit Union business hours.
    1. Government Checks; for example, U.S. Treasury checks, U.S. Postal Service money orders, checks drawn by the State or an agency of the State or a branch of local government deposited in an account held by the payee of the check.
    2. Depository Checks; i.e., Cashier’s checks, certified checks, and teller checks.
  3. TWO-DAY AVAILABILITY. Funds deposited by mail will be available within 2 business days following the banking day of deposit.
  4. CASE-BY-CASE HOLDS. The Credit Union will place a hold on deposits where a forgery or fraud is suspected.
  5. SPECIFIC EXCEPTION HOLDS. The Credit Union may place a specific exception hold where the transaction involves reasonable belief that the check is uncollectible; repeated overdrafts; new accounts; large deposits; re-deposited items; and emergency conditions.